IHOP’s name change PR stunt didn’t exactly endear the company to customers, but its latest move might mend some wounds. The chain has announced plans to begin a delivery service, letting you have pancakes delivered to your doorstep.

IHOP is partnering with food delivery service DoorDash for the new service and quickly plans to roll it out nationwide. And to kick off the service, the company’s waving the delivery fee on orders over $10 (through July 22).

Three hundred locations are already set up to handle deliveries, which can be ordered online. By the end of the year, the company expects to add delivery service from another 600 to 700 locations.

“Undertaking a national delivery partnership is an exciting new chapter in our story and builds on the foundational work we’ve done on IHOP ‘n Go this past year, including introducing a mobile app, online ordering through IHOP.com, and special packaging that preserves the quality of our food for takeout,” said IHOP president Darren Rebelez in a statement. “Most importantly, our partnership with DoorDash helps us bring more pancakes, to more people, whenever and wherever cravings strike—something IHOP guests told us they wanted.”

(And yes, you can also get burgers delivered, in case you’re pining for the IHOB days.)

The expansion is part of IHOP’s 60th anniversary celebration. Other events include a 60-cent short stack of pancakes, available in-stores on Tuesday.

IHOP hopes the addition of this service will help it remain competitive as the fast-casual restaurant segment undergoes notable changes. Panera Bread and Chili’s have also recently added a delivery service, as they look to adapt to shifting consumer habits.

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