Does the glass make the cocktail? In some ways, yes.  And in some ways, no. That’s why PBS’ Ideas Channel interviewed renowned Brooklyn bartender Ivy Mix of Carrol Garden’s Leyenda to find out more about how and why certain glassware is used to serve various libations. Sometimes the preference of a certain shape in glasses is utilitarian, as it enhances the flavors or allows for proper temperature control.

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But the other major aspect of glassware choice is perception. Does it make you feel fancy holding it? And is feeling fancy what you want out of that particular drink? Mix points to the awkwardness of fragile men receiving a pink drink in a dainty glass as a classic example of the patron not feeling comfortable with their beverage. Given that bars are part of the hospitality industry, it may mean bucking traditional presentation for the sake of the customer. Mix also discusses how glasses for cocktails, like the martini, have changed and how popular culture can effect who we think should drink certain drinks. The important lesson is that whether or not your home bar is stocked with a variety of vessels, it’s really all about enjoying your booze.

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