If you like your morning coffee with an amusing dose of snark then You Suck At Cooking is the YouTube channel for you. The faceless chef behind the series has been making videos since early 2015 and they actually do contain quite a bit of useful information. But he also totally gets that you’re sick of snobby cooking shows that take themselves too seriously.

A Few months ago You Suck At Cooking taught us all how to make cold brew coffee so we don’t have to suffer through interminable lines at a hip coffee house.  And he did it in November because “everyone’s doing cold brew when it’s hot. It’s embarrassing.”

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Well, now with the weather starting to get warmer, cold brew season will be upon us in no time. So check out the video above for complete instructions, not only on how to make cold brew, but also how to find inspiration for you own Kafka-meets-Dave-Eggers novelization of a Choose Your Own Adventure.

And if you feel like your life has been missing things like a detailed rap about making French fries, you can follow all of You Suck at Cooking’s videos here.

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