How do you know your Labor Day soiree has gotten out of control? When you spill so much bourbon into a lake that it spawns a tornado of fire, of course.

Alas, The Weather Channel says it takes “a lot of precise conditions” to cause such a “firenado”—as it is awesomely called. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened before. The weather experts recently resurfaced a crazy video from back in 2003 showing just such an event.

In that case, a Jim Beam facility in Kentucky was struck by lightning, causing about 800,000 gallons of bourbon to pour into a nearby retention lake. From there, all it took was a spark (thank you, lightning) and swirling winds (thank you, storm that brought the lightning) for a tornado of fire to begin spinning.

The video is being used to promote The Weather Channel’s show Weather Gone Viral. But why bother watching? Once you’ve seen a fire tornado of burning whiskey, I highly doubt there’s anything better to see. 

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