Credited with easing international tensions, marking history and preserving China’s legacy, Moutai is a strong little spirit with a lot riding on it. The brand of baijiu has been around wince the 1600s, a product of fermented sorghum and made with ingredients, including river water, local to the town of Moutai in China’s Guizhou province. Great Big Story highlights the drink’s history as a straight shot to be shared among friends to it’s reimagining into cocktail culture.

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The award winning liquor takes five years to make and bottles of Moutai have become collectible as benchmarks of different periods China’s history. In recent years, due to a sorghum shortage, bottles of the spirit sell for upwards of $200 a piece, so it’s certainly top shelf. And with a proof of 106, it’s a strong part of Chinese culture in more ways than one. 

If you’re brave, go find some, but know ahead of time that it tastes a bit like “rotting fruit or really good Parmesan.”

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