The owner/bartender of this BMW 502 has stumbled onto a brilliant business model: Set up a keg in the backseat of a prized vintage car and start pouring.

This mobile bar showed up at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Italy. The Concorso dates to 1929, and is the world’s premiere showcase for and celebration of rare (and incredibly expensive) vintage cars. If you’re looking for an immaculately restored Ferrari or Maserati this is the place.

No word on what the bartender is pouring in the video, but we’re sure whatever it is, it tastes better from the trunk of a masterful achievement of German engineering. We definitely think the beer car has a future at farmers’ markets around here. Nothing better than picking up a craft IPA from the trunk of a Prius while you buy your heirloom tomatoes.   

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