We love a good hack around here. And we love our slow cookers. So when there’s a SLOW COOKER HACK, well, you better believe we’re going to be excited! Some slow cooker hacks are smarter than others, and sadly, not every one of them out there always works all that great.

We combed through our archives todig up the best slow cooker hacks and the one that’s not as great as we wanted it to be.

Slow Cooker Hacks That Actually Work

1. Add a divider

Want to serve two different types of chili for a fall party? Or two different toppings for nachos? We were skeptical of this one at first, but it really does work! Just build a divider out of aluminum foil and squish it into your pot. The foil will act as a dam and we’ve even found that it works with soup!

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2. Let it clean itself

Certain dishes (like that chili!) almost always leave a crusty ring around the top of the crock. Luckily, you can set it to practically clean itself. Heat a pot filled with some water, vinegar, and baking soda. An hour (or four) later, when you go to wash it out, the once-stuck-on bits will wipe away easily.

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3. Make candles in it

Winter is coming. And so are the holidays. If you’re looking for some inexpensive gifts that you can DIY, look no further than your slow cooker. That’s right, you can make candles in your slow cooker! We’ve got the steps.

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4. Freshen the air

You could take a few sticks of cinnamon and simmer them in a small pot of water on your stove. But if you don’t like the idea of leaving your stove on, you can do it in your slow cooker. If cinnamon doesn’t feel right this time of year, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to some water. Let the pot heat up and then remove the lid.

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One Slow Cooker Hack That Doesn’t Actually Work

Using it as a humidifier

Sorry, despite what you’ve read on the internet, your slow cooker is not a great substitute humidifier. Mostly because it’s just not a smart use of the machine. And you’d have to monitor and refill it fairly regularly. You’d really be better off just spending a bit of money to get an actual humidifier.

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Got any hacks to add to either of these lists? Leave them in the comments below.

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