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With everyone trying to only shop in person every two weeks, and the science around the current crisis saying that if you can avoid shopping in person to do so, a lot of people are turning to grocery delivery services to manage their food acquisition. But many people are finding that the hardest items to get are fresh produce! With supply chains interrupted and stores only being able to restock at night when all customers are gone to limit the potential interaction, the early bird seems to be getting the fresh fruit and vegetable worm.

Luckily, there are many direct-to-you companies that specialize in fresh produce, and when it comes to a delivery service, there is something for everyone! Check out the following 5 produce delivery services that are available nationally, to look for a good fit. Note: You may find regional and local services (including CSAs from local farms), so you can also investigate those options as well. Either way, let’s cook (and eat) our veggies!

The FruitGuys

This service delivers mixed boxes of seasonal fruit right to your doorstep. You can select organic or conventional options, and with sizes ranging from small to large there’s a lot of room to customize for your household. Added fun: You can see what is in the box for your region weekly. They also have boxes of healthy snacks available and their “healthy” kit, containing immunity-boosting citrus, honey, ginger, kiwi, and bananas.

Check it out: The FruitGuys

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Farmbox Direct

You can choose all fruit, all vegetables, or a combination in a variety of sizes, and you can also choose organic or natural produce. Once you check your zip code, you can get an up-to-date listing of what is included in your box, to ensure no surprises, including amounts—a helpful touch for menu planning. They also have three different juicing boxes available, Green, Red, and Orange, if you are a juicing aficionado and have had trouble sourcing produce.

Check it out: Farmbox Direct

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A darling of chefs everywhere, Melissa’s is known for its high-quality produce, but also rare items and hybrids that are terrific fun. They have various boxes available including a family box, a juicing box, fruit only, 50/50 fruit and vegetable, or 70/30 vegetables to fruit. You can also order specific in-season fruits and vegetables. Their site is fun to browse, and they have the ability for you to add things to your wishlist so that they can contact you when that item is shipping.

Check it out: Melissa’s

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Raw Generation

This company is currently shipping either fruit or vegetable mixed seasonal boxes right to your door, with free shipping for more than half the country! They also have a large variety of bottled juice-based beverages, including immunity shots, smoothies, and cleanses, and are also selling small 2 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer spray in 6 or 12 packs.

Check it out: Raw Generation

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Imperfect Foods

While not yet fully national, Imperfect Foods delivery is available in most major metropolitan areas. One of the companies focused on not wasting the produce that is considered “too ugly” to send to grocery stores, their prices reflect significant savings for the consumer. They allow for customization to your deliveries, and if you are a SNAP recipient, you can get their service for a 33% discount. They also do a lot of donations, all of their packaging is made of recycled material, and they usually do pickups of used packaging to then recycle again. NOTE: The used-package pickup service is temporarily suspended but will resume after the COVID-19 crisis has abated.

Check it out: Imperfect Foods

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