Ah, Nerds. The culprit behind sugar highs and sticky hands in elementary schools around the nation. But who says the rainbow-colored candy from our youths is just for kids? Adults like tiny sugar balls too.

If you’re currently nodding your head in agreement, I have some amazing news for you: Nerds Dessert Toppers exist, and your ice cream is about to get a whole lot prettier.

It’s not clear how these are different from, you know, regular Nerds. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t think about it too much.

If you’re more of a chocolate lover, don’t worry! You, too, can top your ice cream with nostalgic candy.

The Dessert Toppers line, available at Walmart, also come in Buncha Crunch and Butterfinger Bits varieties.

Again, you theoretically could just chop up a Crunch bar or a Butterfinger bar and throw it in your ice cream—just don’t concern yourself with the details and you’ll be fine.

Buy a 5.6-ounce bag of Dessert Toppers for $2.48 or a 2-pack for $4.81.

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