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Customers visiting Aldi and Asda have shared their concerns about the contents of UK store shelves. People visiting the supermarket giants have been panicking over the “worryingly low stock levels”.

Several people have reported being unable to buy cheap essentials such as milk and herbs.

It comes as prices continue to increase due to the cost of living crisis, reports The Manchester Evening News.

One shopper took to social media to express her worry as she had noticed her favourite items disappearing over the last couple of weeks.

The shopper wrote on a Facebook group for fans of the supermarket: “I’ve just come back from Aldi. The shelves are looking emptier by the week. No soya milk sweetened version for weeks. No sweetened almond milk for two weeks. Cranberry juice is very hit and miss and has been for weeks. I love Aldi but whatever is happening?”

Jen Runnalls replied: “Asda was the same yesterday. Shelves were empty. The biscuit aisle was dire in particular. Couldn’t get a dried herb I was after either. I was doing my mum and dads shopping and there was a lot on there I couldn’t get.”

Debbie Hutler vented: “Ours is same biscuit aisles empty freezers are empty no sauces hardly any meat it’s getting worse.”

Another commenter said: “My husband works for Aldi. They struggle to get certain items for weeks now. Not their fault. Also, they are seeing a record number of new people through the doors switching to cheaper supermarkets. They can’t get enough staff to fill the vacancies either. It’s all due to the war. It’s worldwide shortages.”

Tracy Wheeler wrote: “It’s ALL supermarkets having shortages, not just Aldi. You need to unfortunately shop around for certain items. Also consider that a lot of people shop at the weekend in most stores if they work Monday to Friday.”

Elaine Burton said: “Our local Aldi is getting busier, we now have to queue to get a parking space and we all have to shuffle in the aisles, heaven help someone who needs to double back as they’ve forgotten something. I’ve not been able to get courgettes from any supermarket for weeks.”

Jackie Childs commented: “I went to Aldi’s in Plympton yesterday afternoon, never seen it so busy I asked the cashier if it is always this busy on a Saturday, he said ‘yes but tomorrow will be 10 times worse’ I will go week days in future so that could be why shelves are so empty.”

Sarah Elizabeth Tessyman said: “Sainsbury’s was the same, I normally get unsweetened Almond Milk and the only one available was the Alpro! Own brand hasn’t been in stock for weeks.”

The House of Commons Commons transport committee has warned that the Government is “sleepwalking” into another lorry crisis unless urgent action is taken, says the Mirror.

This could lead to more shortages at supermarkets.

An Aldi spokesperson said the store had good availability in its supermarkets.

More and more Brits are struggling to pay their bills amid the rising cost of living and record high inflation rates.

Many have been left strapped for cash at the supermarket, with the price of daily essentials on the rise.

Express Online has approached Asda for comment.

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