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The upcoming bank holiday is the perfect time to make the most of the end of summer and host friends round for some outdoor drinks. Whether you enjoy a gin cocktail or a glass of white wine, Amazon is now offering massive bargains on booze.

Save 37 percent off

Amazon is offering a big sale on alcohol including gin, whiskey, vodka, wine and more for the August bank holiday. Cheaper prices than supermarkets and available for Prime members with free delivery, shop all booze here.

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If you’re planning on hosting friends round for some garden drinks or heading to a barbecue this bank holiday, be sure to set the mood with some drinks.

Just in time, Amazon is offering a massive sale on booze including spirits, wine and more with prices that are cheaper than supermarkets.

Amazon shoppers can get up to 32 percent off alcohol from brands including Chivas, Absolut, Malfy, Campo Viejo and more.

Shop the deal here and Prime members can get free speedy delivery.

Ordering alcohol on Amazon is a great way to avoid carrying heavy items and if you’re heading to a friend’s house, you can get It sent to their address.

In addition, you can also bulk buy cases of six for wine, which work out to cheaper prices.

A case of six of Campo Viejo Rioja Blanco is £39.99, which equates to £6.65 per bottle and is £1.35 then buying it from Tesco and other supermarket, where it’s currently £8.

Be sure to order before Friday August 26 to get bottles by Monday August 29, 2022.

Here are the best bottles on offer.

  1. Plymouth Original Botanical Dry Gin (£16.99) Saving £9.70
  2. La Hechicera Serie Experimental Banana infused Rum (£47.99) Saving £12.01
  3. Absolut Movement Limited Edition Swedish Vodka (£21.51) Saving £7.24
  4. Malfy Originale Italian Gin (£24) Saving £4.35
  5. Campo Viego Rose Wine Case of Six x 70cl (£39.80) Saving £8.20
  6. Jameson Crested Triple Distilled Blended Irish Whiskey (£22.85) Saving £7.60
  7. Absolut Mango Flavoured Swedish Vodka (£15.99) Saving £4.26

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