Amazon Shoppers Say This Paper Towel Holder That Stops Rolls From Unraveling “Makes Life So Much Better”

And it’s only $10 right now.

Attempting to rip a paper towel off the roll when your hands are wet or soaked in dish soap can be quite the inconvenience. Touching the roll of pristine paper towels with water dripping down your hands often leaves wet spots across the entire roll, and if you’re not careful, ripping too hard can result in the whole spool unraveling.

Thankfully, Amazon shoppers seem to have discovered the perfect solution to this common household woe: Kamenstein’s Perfect Tear paper towel holder. With more than 3,200 five-star reviews, this nifty kitchen gadget has users calling it “the absolute best” and “an ingenious invention.” And right now, it’s 62 percent off, meaning you can get it for just $10.

The Perfect Tear holder uses a patented ratchet system that automatically expands and clicks to hold the paper towel roll in place when it feels tension (in other words, when someone pulls it), and as a result, users can easily tear off a paper towel while the rest of the roll stays in place. Designed to fit all roll sizes, it’s also mountable and comes with the necessary mounting tools, so you can opt to hang it under cabinets or on walls.

Thousands of customers have been raving about the convenient gadget. “This is really a perfect paper towel holder,” said a reviewer. “You really do only need one hand, and you don't get any extra sheets or ripped sheets hanging off the roll when you're done.”

Another added, “I like this paper towel holder so much that I bought another one when we moved. It keeps paper towels from rolling to help control paper towels coming off the roll, and clears up space on the counter.”

If you’re looking for “one of those little things that makes life so much better,” as one user described it, Kamenstein’s Perfect Tear paper towel holder is just that thing. And at only $10, there’s no better time than now to pick up one of these incredibly useful tools.

To buy: $10 (was $27);

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