What is an upcoming movie without product placement? It’s no fun and too high-brow for us, that’s what. Perfectly timed to release in the middle of Halloween fever, the new Addams Family movie has inspired semi-gothic treats everywhere from IHOP to Hershey’s. The latest themed product from AMC Theaters, though, will really crank up the nostalgia. 

When you were a kid, the best part of going to the movies was getting an ICEE. AMC is keeping that tradition alive and well with their new Spooky Black Cherry ICEE, which perfectly coordinates with the Addams aesthetic and will turn your tongue black. That’s right, your tongue can match the movie. That’s almost as good as attending the premiere dressed like a homicidal maniac. 

While the concept of a black ICEE isn’t exactly new, at least this one is tied to the best holiday. Plus, people who tried it in advance of the latest Men in Black movie dug it. The Addams Family isn’t set to hit theaters until Oct. 11, but according to Delish some moviegoers are already enjoying the ICEE, and that’s what’s important here. It will most likely disappear after the movie’s initial hype fades away, but based on the Black Cherry ICEE’s history, chances are we’ll see it attached to another reboot sometime next year. 

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