In terms of candies that stand the test of time, the Kit Kat has to be towards the top of the list. There’s just something so satisfying about breaking off a piece of this crunchy, milk chocolatey delight. That perfected formula might explain why Kit Kat rarely relies on gimmicky flavors to get attention here in the US.


Well, from the look of a few product leaks, it seems like that’s about to change in a big, bold way. According to Instagram snack sleuth @JunkFoodLeaks_, 2020 will see the release of two new Kit Kat flavors that represent a definitive break from their typical milk chocolate mold. Specifically, they’re spicing things up with new editions of birthday cake and apple pie-flavored Kit Kats.

🎂 O M G 🎂 So yeah, these are the real deal.Checking in on this gorgeous Thursday to present to you a brand new, limited edition flavor coming soon to a snack shelf at your local town.Kit Kat has returned to the table with an absolute BANGER. When I say banger, I mean it fully. These birthday cake Kit Kats, allegedly releasing early next year, are no joke. In fact, I might go ahead and say that stacked next to every flavor Kit Kat has, these are number two. I normally hate birthday cake iterations. I think 99/100 miss the mark. This, is that one that does not miss.The Kit Kats themselves are a bit harder, as milk chocolate and confection are different, but moving past that, you're delighted to impeccable crunch, and flashbacks to eating spoonfuls of funfetti cake frosting right out of the jar. I know some of you know what I'm talmbout.The funfetti pearls, the crunch, everything about this is an absolute slam dunk. For some, it might appear to be a bit too sweet — which I get. But if sweet is your thing, these will undoubtedly rise through the ranks on your favorites list as well. Do NOT miss them when they touch [email protected] might tell me this is a rookie score; he and I are respectfully in our own lanes. This thing right here gets a SOLID, WELL deserved 🚨9.2/10🚨 2020 is looking good. 😛😛😛

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🥧 F O O D C O M A 🥧 Ohh y'all thought I was done done huh?In the spirit of giving and all things cranberry sauce, it seems like a great time to show you yet ANOTHER Kit-Kat gem coming to the US as a limited release — apple pie! Slated for sometime in 2020, these bars of goodness will eventually make their way to shelves across the states, and then swiftly into your belly.Similar to birthday cake, I tend to think many apple pie variants aren't that great. I try them ALL, just to see if someone's cracked the code. Unfortunately, the only person who's ever really nailed it to a T was my two homies @benandjerrys American Apple Pie, which somehow kept crispy pie crust in the middle of ice cream. (???) With that said, these lil babies are great. They're not as artificial as many apple pie products out there. It has a great crunch in the center, which many do not. And of course, it does embody some actual authentic apple flavor! I do think that while tough, stuffing a bit of dried apple in these things would be the one thing that would make them truly amazing.I know these exist in Japan, but I'm not sure what they taste like, so unfortunately I cannot draw a fair comparison. What I will say is that these are certainly not to be missed when they eventually touch down, as they are of course limited, and will undoubtedly be gobbled up 🥁 as soon as they're available. Super crunchy, super cinnamon, and a lot of [email protected], holla at me sometime. Let's collab. I got you. I'll fly you out west and we'll make some magic happen. These babes get a respectful 🚨7.9🚨from me. I do really like them, but it's missing something, and I don't know what it is. I think I'll take them over to McDonald's and have them blended inside of a mcflurry. That might be the move.

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Since it’s the week of Thanksgiving, let’s start with the Apple Pie. Featuring what the packaging refers to as a “apple pie flavored white creme,” @JunkFoodLeaks_ says this fall festive flavor “has a great crunch in the center,” and notes that this Kit Kat “does embody some actual authentic apple flavor.” Overall, they seem to offer up a crunchy mix of cinnamon and apple to create a Kit Kat flavor that would make your grandmother proud.

The new Birthday Cake Kit Kat is also something to celebrate. @JunkFoodLeaks_ says these things feature an “impeccable crunch” and conjure “flashbacks to eating spoonfuls of funfetti cake frosting right out of the jar.” Combining that funfetti with a strong sweetness and satisfying crunch means “everything about this is an absolute slam dunk,” and I’m inclined to agree.


While the upcoming arrival of these new offerings might seem out of the blue, the truth is that they’re probably overdue to wind up in American stores. Japan has long had access to a much cooler variety of Kit Kats than we get on this side of the Pacific, and @JunkFoodLeaks_ reminds us that the upcoming Apple Pie variety already exists over there. Hopefully this is the beginning of a much-need correction of that cool Kit Kat imbalance.

As the Instagrams imply, these are limited edition offerings that us Americans won’t be able to get our hands on until at least some time in 2020. If you can’t wait that long, maybe some holiday-themed Cinnamon Kit Kats can tide you over until the new year. But from what I can tell, it seems like 2020 is looking up already.  

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