The masterminds behind the $1 Twizzler-topped Dollarita are back with a new head (and possibly stomach) turning menu item: Grilled Chicken Breast with Fireball Whisky-infused Sauce.

I’m going to be quite honest: Due to a series of poor decisions on my part, the thought of eating meat smothered in a Fireball sauce makes me want to puke—but that’s not the whisky’s fault.

It’s really not a bad idea in theory. If you’re a responsible human who hasn’t overindulged in a spirit that tastes like alcohol-soaked Hot Tamales on numerous occasions, I can totally see how you’d enjoy this. I mean, people like bourbon sauce. Why not kick it up a notch with Fireball?

The dish is part of Applebee’s limited-edition Bigger, Bolder Grill Combos menu. Guests can choose from on of five grill combinations:

  • 6-oz. Top Sirloin & Half Rack Baby Back Ribs
  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Fireball Whisky-infused Sauce & Half Rack Baby Back Ribs
  • Crispy Shrimp & Grilled Salmon
  • Grilled Shrimp Skewer & Grilled Chicken Breast with Fireball Whisky-infused Sauce
  • Grilled Shrimp Skewer, Crispy Shrimp & 6-oz. Top Sirloin

“Whoa! We are bringing back our guest-favorite Bigger, Bolder Grill Combos for the first time this year, which means more choice and more satisfied appetites,” said Joel Yashinsky, Chief Marketing Officer at Applebee’s, in a press release. “Two entrees, served hot from the grill, with a plateful of sides, pairs perfectly with our local craft brews or the Neighborhood Drink of the Month.”

The combos are available now and start at $12.99.

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