If you’re among those who are about to enter a third month of sheltering in place, you’re probably desperate for new and novel ways of keeping yourself entertained. If you’ve already run out of yeast or things to bake, may I suggest an Arby’s meat puzzle in these trying times?

Though the phrase “Arby’s meat puzzle” sounds like something out of your strangest fever dream, it is, in fact, a very real and relievingly normal puzzle. Technically named the “13-Hour Puzzle” for the length of time that Arby’s smokes its brisket, this 1,000 piece puzzle depicts all sorts of mouthwatering Arby’s favorites.

While Arby’s admits that it probably won’t take you 13 hours to complete the puzzle (though what’s the rush?), you might spend that long staring at the piles of curly fries, roast beef, cheese, and various mouthwatering meats. Sadly, the “Marrot” (Arby’s attempt to make a carrot out of meat) is nowhere to be seen.

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The 13-Hour Puzzle is available for $25 from the Arby’s Shop. It’s important to note that the product listing says it ships in 3 weeks, so you might want to have a puzzle or two on deck to kill some time before it shows up. While the description notes that it only takes pains to reiterate that the 13-Hour Puzzle is different from the 13-Hour Smoke Brisket, this might be the only puzzle in the history that could raise your cholesterol just by looking at it.

If you buy the puzzle, just make sure your hands aren’t covered in Horsey Sauce before you start to put it together. And even if you don’t purchase it, I have little doubt that the phrase “Arby’s meat puzzle” will be popping into your head at random intervals over the next week, so enjoy that.


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