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If there’s one thing food brands love almost as much as selling you things to eat and drink, it’s selling you merch. There’s been a veritable deluge of branded gear both throughout the year and around the holidays in 2019, with offerings ranging from the odd to the downright weird.

If you’re still looking to buy a gift for someone who has everything up to and including “the meats”, then Arby’s first-ever line of holiday merchandise might be worth adding to your shopping list. From the people who brought you a full line of “Meatoberfest” clothing and a surprising amount of “disc golf” stuff comes a limited-edition line of swag you can use to eat in style, drink, and gift merrily.

First, there’s the basic Arby’s Holiday Sweatshirt, which essentially functions as a less itchy version of your classic (ugly) Christmas sweater. It’s an ideal fit for anyone who loves to spend the entirety of holiday parties posted up by the charcuterie board. It pairs nicely with the Retro Arby’s Holiday Glass, which is an ideal chalice for eggnog that’s spiked with bacon or something.

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The animal protein-based piece de resistance is the All the Meats Wrapping Paper. This “add[s] an element of mouthwatering whimsy to your gift-giving,” which I suppose means it just shows off a crapton of different Arby’s meats, which, if consumed, might clog your arteries on the spot. It’s ideal for wrapping that gift for your vegan relative (if you’re a mean-spirited person who relishes being on the naughty list, that is).

Given the limited-edition nature of the release (not to mention today’s date and how long it takes things you buy online to ship), you might want to get those orders in ASAP if you hope to give the gift of Arby’s this holiday season. The chance to disappoint your workplace secret Santa giftee comes but once a year, after all.  

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