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The sponge sometimes uses nuts, like walnuts too, and autumnal spices in the batter – like cinnamon and ginger. Cream cheese frosting is the most popular addition.

Carrot cake is one of Bake Off winner Sophie Faldo’s favourites.

She posted a picture of a three-layer carrot cake with classic cream cheese frosting on her Instagram.

She wrote: “This is probably my favorite cake. So lovely and fluffy, great with a cup of tea after a long ride. Best recovery food right?”

For her business, Sophie Faldo Couture Cakes, Sophie – who also recently told Express.co.uk how to bake a perfect lemon drizzle cake – makes a carrot cake sponge flavour.

It sounds delicious, and is a “moist carrot cake loaded with spiced rum infused fruits, ginger, walnuts, and pecans, sandwiched with lightly spiced orange cream cheese buttercream frosting.”

So how does Sophie makes sure her carrot cake is perfect?

It’s all in the batter, the baking expert says.

“For carrot cake, I use quite wet batters,” Sophie said.

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“What that does is it cooks out the carrots, so you don’t get stringy bits of carrots in your cake.”

When the batter is moist enough, it will help to break the carrot down while cooking.

This helps to avoid crunchy and unpleasant chunks of carrot.

Another way to avoid this is to grate the carrot as small as possible.

This will help to make the cake deliciously moist but won’t leave chunks.

Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood adds pecans to his carrot cake.

Nigella Lawson suggests drying off grated carrot in kitchen roll before putting it in the batter.

Delia Smith adds coconut to her carrot cake.

Sophie also shared her technique for the perfect sponge cake. 

Sophie uses the reverse creaming method for her sponges.

Different styles of mixing batter create different styles of sponges.

Reverse creaming is one of the most common. It involves mixing the flour, sugar, and butter together first.

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