If you’re like any other human being struggling to cope with 2020, there’s a decent chance you’ve turned to Ben & Jerry’s over the last few months. Whether you want to deal with stress via the sweet release of ice cream-induced dopamine, or you just need to cool off as the temperature turns up while we’re trapped inside, those humble Vermont pint-slingers know what the people need at a time like this.

As if being able to buy their ice cream wasn’t enough, Ben & Jerry’s has thoughtfully shared their very own cookie dough recipe. It’s perfect for making the same “100% safely snackable” stuff you’d find if you tucked into a pint of their ice cream.

The recipe couldn’t be much simpler, as all you’ll need is some butter, brown sugar, heavy cream, vanilla extract, flour, salt, and chocolate chips. In case eggs are a no-go for you, you won’t have to worry about finding them in here. Beyond that, all you really need is a bowl, a microwave, a mixer, and fifteen minutes to achieve your cookie dough dreams.

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Once all your ingredients are gathered, getting two cups of cookie dough is a straightforward five-step process. First, heat your flour in a microwave-safe bowl to kill off any contaminants that could make this batch of goodness unsafe to eat. Ideally, you’ll want to leave it in there for 30 seconds at a time so the flour gets up to a consistent 165ºF throughout. Then, mix together the butter and brown sugar to a state of fluffiness before adding in the vanilla, cream and salt for further mixing. From there, add the heated flour and mix before finally folding in the chocolate chips. That’s it!

If I’ve learned anything from watching cooking game shows, it’s that making your own ice cream is never as easy as it looks. But the good news is that you can at least approximate one of the key ingredients from one of the best flavors of ice cream. Whether you choose to add it into some ice cream or just shove it into your mouth is totally up to you.


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