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If anyone who’s had a birthday in the past few months is truly honest with you, they’d admit that having a birthday during a pandemic sucks. A lot of bars and hangout spots are closed (or at least restricted), forcing parties to take place over video conferences. There’s little to distinguish their birthday from any other quarantined day other than the  fact that you’re getting more texts from people you haven’t talked to in a while.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be all that bad, though, thanks to some birthday help from Betty Crocker. From now until May 29, the baking brand is dishing out 1,000 birthday baking kits that should help make turning another year older during this weird and uncertain time at least a little bit sweeter. Each kit includes the cake mix and frosting you’ll need to assemble a quality birthday cake, plus plates, utensils, and party favors you’ll need to mark the occasion.

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While that prize is enough to brighten someone’s special day, five lucky grand prize winners are in store for an even better birthday. That’s because they’ll win a personalized birthday greeting from Destiny’s Child member and “fellow quarantine baker” Kelly Rowland to mark the occasion. So if you think about it, you can have your cake and get a free Cameo out of it, too.

To enter the Betty Brings the Party sweepstakes, just head over to Betty Crocker’s website and fill out the entry form. You can enter for yourself, or be a super-awesome quarantine birthday facilitator by entering on behalf of a friend or loved one. As long as you or they have a birthday in June, July, or August, you’re good to go.

2020 hasn’t been all that great. But even in the worst of times, few things are better than free cake. You might as well try and win some.


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