Look: pretty much no matter where you live or how you celebrate, Easter and Passover are going to look a bit different in 2020. Social distancing will inevitably shrink the size of your get-together, and frankly the act of taking a day off from cooking and doing dishes feels like a holiday in and of itself at this point.

But just because Easter egg hunts are happening indoors and Passover Seders will be held over zoom doesn’t mean the day has to be a letdown food-wise. Thankfully, Boston Market has put together a whole Easter Basket menu full of special “heat and serve”  takeout options for delivery or pickup that can keep your family fed and happy in these weird times.

Though the chain’s claim to fame is its rotisserie chicken, ham and turkey are the primary protein options here. You can build a meal that includes one or the other, or both if you really want to get nutty with it. There are a variety of combinations and permutations, with options made for 12 people (which seems like it would violate social distancing guidelines in most homes) available for $119.99, or the more realistic four to six-person platters which retail for $69.99 or $84.99.

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If you order that 12-person order of spiral-sliced or boneless honey-glazed ham, you’ll get four pounds of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, plus two pounds of gravy, creamed spinach, and sweet potato casserole. That’s rounded out by 12 pieces of fresh-baked cornbread and two nine-inch apple pies. Opting for the “essential” four to six-person order of ham gives you two pounds of gravy, mashed potatoes, and sweet corn plus six pieces of cornbread, while the “complete” edition throws in two pounds of sween corn, 12 ounces of cranberry walnut relish, and a nine-inch apple pie. Choosing to plan your Easter dinner around the roast turkey breast instead of ham will deprive you of the sweet potato casserole and the mac and cheese, so choose wisely.

If you’d rather mix and match, two-pound trays of those sides (plus twelve pieces of cornbread) can be purchased as a la carte options. The ham and turkey can also be purchased individually if you’d rather due the Easter sides at home while outsourcing the main course.

While Boston Market locations are open for takeout on Easter, you’re going to want to get your order in ahead of time to make sure everything is set. As a bonus, if you place an order before April 8, you can take an additional $10 off at checkout. Orders are available for pickup starting on the 10 (Good Friday).

You’ve got enough to deal with besides trying to plan a holiday meal like this while quarantined. There’s plenty of time to cook for your inlaws once the world is a normal place again.



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