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At the other end of the scale, 14 percent consider an espresso to be their favourite type of coffee, while a quarter are more “middle of the road” and opt for a “straightforward” flat white.

While tastes may vary, there is clearly common ground – pardon the pun – when it comes to a genuine passion for coffee

Ritchie McFee, Philips Domestic Appliances

But regardless of what form it takes, 65 percent are particular about how their beloved coffee is made – including the strength, the types of beans used, amount of milk and more.

And 35 percent are so passionate about the brewed beverage that they will actively refuse to drink a coffee if it’s not made to their standards.

Ritchie McFee, from Philips Domestic Appliances, which commissioned the research to launch its new LatteGo barista style coffee machine range, said: “As we go into winter, it’s not surprising we may be looking for that extra warm drink to get us through the next few months.

“And we all have our own special way of making our coffee just to our tastes.

“What the new Philips research shows is that we are a nation of coffee lovers.

“And while tastes may vary, there is clearly common ground – pardon the pun – when it comes to a genuine passion for coffee.”

The study found more of those living in the South East like their coffee “strong” (46 percent) than anywhere else in the UK.

While those residing in Northern Ireland are most likely to like their coffee “sweet” (43 percent).

And almost half of those residing in London (46 percent) like their coffee “milky” – the highest proportion of any region.

It also emerged that the typical adult will drink 876 cups of coffee during a single year – just over two a day.

Seven in ten consider drinking it to be part of their daily routine, with 48 percent claiming they “can’t function” without a morning coffee.

Half (52 percent) tend to enjoy coffee alone, one in five (19 percent) often have it with office colleagues, while 13 percent tend to have one when spending time with their cat or dog.

More than eight in ten (83 percent) like their coffee with milk, and three-quarters like dairy.

But 24 percent prefer dairy alternatives, with oat milk the most popular (five percent).

More than half (52 percent) like what they describe as a “glug” of milk, and 28 percent prefer a smaller amount – just a “dash”.

The research also found that despite their love of coffee, 34 percent have been so befuddled by the exotic sounding names that they’ve ordered without knowing what type of coffee they’ll actually be getting.

While 19 percent admitted they only drink coffee because it makes them feel “more grown-up”.

Carried out through OnePoll, the study found 45 per cent consider themselves to be coffee aficionados.


  1. Latte
  2. Cappuccino
  3. Flat white
  4. Americano (white)
  5. Americano (black)
  6. Mocha
  7. Espresso
  8. Iced coffee
  9. Irish coffee
  10. Macchiato

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