Bubble and squeak recipe made with leftover turkey

What is bubble and squeak? Bubble and squeak is a classic British dish made with potatoes and cabbage, mixed with other fried foods. It’s a typical food for leftovers and is, therefore, very popular on Boxing Day morning in particular.

It has been in existence since the 18th century, with various recipes offering multiple versions.

A recipe from The Manchester Times in 1882, published in the “Household” column.

It advised mashing four potatoes and chopping greens before mincing them together and drying them in three ounces of dripping or butter with a spoonful of salt.

It recommends adding in a pound of cold boiled beef in thin slices.

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Newer versions add in Brussels sprouts, bacon, courgettes, chestnuts, turnips, leeks, swedes.

Nigella Lawson’s version includes goose, ham and pumpkin.

Simple bubble and squeak recipe

1. Melt butter in a pan and add in chopped bacon, sliced onion and minced garlic.

2. Add sliced Brussels sprouts and/or boiled cabbage and cook for around five minutes.

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Add mashed potato and mix in it before pushing the mixture down so it’s flat.

It should resemble a Basque tortilla.

Cook until the bottom is brown before turning it over and cooking the other side till brown.

Serve by cutting it into wedges.

Christmas dinner is many people’s favourite dish of the year.

The trimmings have to be just right and the turkey cooked well.

How long do you need to cook a turkey?

The weight of the bird is essential to cook it well.

British Turkey advises the temperature of your oven should be 190C/170C fan/ gas 5 with the cooking time calculated as follows:

  • Under 4kg – 20mins per kg plus an extra 70 minutes
  • Over 4kg – 20mins per kgs plus an extra 90 minutes

Remember to weigh your turkey with any stuffing that’s under the skin, bacon or any other additions wrapped around it.

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