The calendar may say it’s spring right now, but winter is coming to Buffalo Wild Wings—for one day only.

On Sunday, April 14, aka the day Game of Thrones’ final season premieres, the sports bar chain will serve up “Dragon Fire” wings coated in a ghost pepper sauce.

“Dragon Fire lives up to its name, mixing chili and ghost peppers with soy and ginger sauce,” according to Buffalo Wild Wings. “The spicy wings are then topped with a jalapeño garnish to really drive home the heat.”

Ghost peppers! Chili! Jalapeño! Forget Game of Thrones, this sounds like a spicy food lover’s dream.

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We should’ve known it wouldn’t be long before Buffalo Wild Wings got in on this GoT action. It seems like every food brand under the sun has Westeros-ified a product or two in anticipation of this weekend’s big event.

You can eat the extremely limited-edition wings in-restaurant, or you can order them through the Buffalo Wild Wings app/website for takeout options. The chain has also partnered with DoorDash so you can have the sauce delivered right to your door, just in time for your viewing party.


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