With restaurants now already or soon to reopen in a number of states across the country, skeptics of sitdown dining in a still-unfinished pandemic have a lot of questions about how the bistros, burger joints, and pizza parlors of our brave new world will function. That’s led fast food chains to outline their dine-in policies and precautions, while pushing well-meaning inventors to dream up things like terrifying-looking masks that can help us eat while staying safe.

Thankfully, there’s at least one invention out there that could help make sharing pizza a more sanitary process without scaring any children at the table: the No HandL Portion PadL [sic]. Featuring what it calls a Touchless Pizza Border, a press release describes this thing as a “next generation pizza serving plate… designed for today’s sanitization standards” that “makes other serving plates obsolete.”

Looking like some sort of pizza-serving lazy Susan segmented into slices, the “PadL” is marked by three distinct features that supposedly make it superior to other Covid-era pizza serving options. First, there are “finger wells” at the end of each slice station, which let you pull a piece of pizza away without touching any shared surfaces. Then, it features “recessed grooves” that allow you to easily pull away your slice of pizza without too much effort. Finally, the segments make it easy to cut a pie into eight perfectly even slices.

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For Nuova Vita Corporation, the hope is that this contraption can help potential diners feel safe and secure when they sit down to share a pie.

“The government provides restauranteurs [sic] with food preparation and serving guidelines and regulations, but it’s ultimately consumer confidence that determines sales,” said founder and CEO Greg Getzinger in the press release. “The No HandL Portion PadL with the Touchless Pizza Border will help restauranteurs [sic] give people safe, familiar and convenient group pizza dining experiences, where they can feel a part of community again.”

Given that pizza serving technology hasn’t exactly advanced by leaps and bounds since the invention of the insulated delivery bag, you have to admit that this might help make the experience of communal pizza eating at least a little bit safer. Whether it’s enough to get a family of skeptics to cross the threshold and sit down at a table, though, remains to be seen.



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