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That delicious smell of freshly baked bread in the morning is enough to wake anyone up from the deepest sleep. The warm and comforting aroma evokes a feeling of nostalgia for many, before you even bite into its doughy goodness. And making bread is easier than you make think, as many have discovered this year.

Whether it’s a basic white loaf you’re after, or if you’re lovingly nurturing your own little sough dough starter, there’s a host of great recipes to try out.

But if bread making is not for you, that’s okay.

Bread is a versatile food that can be used in a variety of dishes – whether or not it came from your own oven or off the shelves of the super market.

However, some breads are quick to turn mouldy so many of us store our loaves in the freezer.

Can you refreeze bread?

Yes, you can freeze and then also refreeze bread.

It’s perfectly safe to do this, however you may notice the taste has become a little stale.

There’s a number of ways to refreeze bread to ensure it tastes its freshest after having been defrosted.

The most important tip to avoid your bread tasting off is that it is best to refreeze the loaf within 48 hours.

You should also only refreeze your bread once.

If you freeze, defrost and refreeze multiple times, your bread will lose its flavour and integrity, making it taste stale.

A third tip is to make sure your bread has completely cooled before refreezing if you have heated it at all. Otherwise, condensation will form and create ice crystals in your loaf.

You should also consider what type of bread you’d like to freeze.

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Your standard white or wholemeal loaf will freeze and refreeze well.

But, for example, a sourdough bread will not refreeze well as it will not retain the same crunchy crust.

If trying to refreeze rye bread, you may want to wrap in aluminium foil as this will help retain its flavour.

Store-bought bread can be kept in the freezer for six months past its best-by date, but eating within one to three months is advised for optimum freshness.

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