TikTok user reveals how to make the perfect roast potatoes

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Oli Brandon is a chef and travel content creator who regularly shares his recipes and foods from around the world on TikTok. He has shared his ultimate roast potato recipe for Christmas, which promises an explosion of flavour and an unforgettable crunch.

“Let’s make sure your roast potatoes are banging this Christmas,” he said in a video posted for his 311.5k followers. “First of all, get the best potatoes you can, Maris Pipes are good but literally any regular potato will still come out great.”

You can get your hands on Maris Pipers at most supermarkets, with both Tesco and Sainsbury’s selling a 2.5kg bag for £1,49, and Waitrose selling them for £2.10. Most chefs claim using the right potato is absolutely key for amazing roasties. 

The best kinds for roasting are Maris Piper or King Edwards, followed closely by Desiree. Then, the chef said: “Now, put in enough fat to cover the bottom of the tray. You can use duck, goose, beef fat, whatever you want for greater flavour or vegetable oil to keep it veggie. Then whack it in the oven to heat up.”


If you’re making roast potatoes at Christmas, these are good

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Goose and duck fat are traditionally chosen by chefs to make roast potatoes because of their high smoke point which makes for a crispy coating. For veggies, olive oil is an excellent choice.

Next, it’s time to boil your potatoes, Oli says. The chef said: “Into boiling water, add a teaspoon of salt and bicarbonate of soda. It helps to break down the outside of the potato to fluff them up and get them more crispy.”

Oli continued: “Then go in with your potatoes and boil them until they are fork tender and the outside is starting to break down but the potato isn’t falling apart. Drain and fluff up your potatoes using a colander.”

At this point, the potatoes should look loose and fluffy on the edges. Oli explained: “Leave the potatoes to sit for around five minutes and then put the potatoes in hot fat. It should sizzle then get them straight in the oven.

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“If you want extra flavour, add in rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper and cook for another five minutes,” explained Oli.  “Serve those up making sure to get all of those lovely herb and garlic crispy bits on the potatoes.”

He then displays that when you bite into your potatoes you should be met with a satisfying crunch. At the time of writing, Oli’s recipe has amassed over 3,000 “likes” from viewers.

An anonymous user said: “I used this recipe today. They’re halfway through their roast and looking brill.” [SIC] Tempest Smith added: “These look so good. Excited to try them.”

Which fat makes the best roast potatoes?

A BBC GoodFood investigation tested a number of different oils and fats, from sunflower to good. It found coconut oil was the best for crunch, they found. Best for flavor, on the other hand, was deemed to be goose fat. According to the test, dripping was found to be very divisive and gave the potatoes a meaty aroma.

A mum recently shared her “heavenly” roast potatoes recipe, which she claimed are “crispy” on the outside but “nice and fluffy” inside. 

“This is my long awaited roast potatoes recipe,” she said in a video. Harleigh uses Maris Piper potatoes from ASDA, which retail for 90p for 1.25kg bag, as well as duck fat, salt, black pepper and thyme for seasoning.

While the potatoes are boiling, Harleigh prepares her roasting tray to go into the oven. “You’re going to add quite a lot of duck fat to a pan,” she explained. “I use about two and a half tablespoons. Put the tray in the oven at about 200C while your potatoes are boiling for about 15 minutes.”

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