Martin Lewis' tips for saving money on Christmas shopping

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Channel 4 Luxury Christmas for Less shared tips and tricks for how to get top quality Christmas products without breaking the bank.

It is possible for Britons to get the best quality for less. But how?

Sabrina Grant and Helen Skelton shared the best tips to save on luxury products, food and drinks.

This year’s gin sale has gone up 30 percent in the UK and they explained shoppers can get really good gin for a bargain price.

Currently, the cheapest gin in the market cost £9.99 in Aldi.

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They revealed £9.20 of the price is tax: alcohol duty and VAT.

That means shoppers are actually paying just 79p for the gin.

That means a £30 bottle of Shetland actually costs just £16.

But do the most expensive gins taste better than the most affordable options?

A family were given three differents gins to blind taste.

They correctly picked the cheapest gin but said they liked it and wouldn’t pay more for another brand.

“To say that there’s a £10 difference between the three, that surprises me a bit.

“I didn’t think this one [the expensive gin] was that much better that I would pay £10 more. I actually really like this one [the cheap one]. It’s really good value for the taste. It has a nice label but it’s not as expensive.”

Jamie Baxter, master distiller, said: “I think supermarket products are really good gins as well.”

He explained why there is such a big difference in price: “Big supermarket brands make 100 million bottles a year so you can afford 20p or 30p bottle profit.

“But if you’re making only 20,000 bottles a year, then if you’re not making over a fiver a year you can’t pay for your infrastructure, your rent, etc.”

He also revealed how Britons can elevate their gin this Christmas.

“Luxury gin is all about what you mix it with.

“Two ways you can improve your gin and tonic. First, whatever glass you use fill it up with lots of ice. That will stop the ice melting and diluting the drink and it will chill everything down because a proper gin and tonic should be all ice-cold.

“Second thing is to experiment with different tonic waters.”

When asked if a cheap gin can improve with an expensive tonic he said: “Definitely. And a good tonic water is not particularly expensive!”

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