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Nancy Birtwhistle, winner of The Great British Bake Off, explained how to save your cream if it’s over whipped.

If cream is overwhipped it will become grainy, and later turn into butter.

She explained to Express.co.uk readers: “Christmas day arrives, all going well in the kitchen.

“A well meaning helper offers to whip the cream for the trifle.

“However, after a glass of wine, too much chatting and one whisk too many and the cream is taken from thick smooth and luscious to a solid mass resembling cottage cheese.

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“All is not lost, no need to throw it away.

“Instead, set the electric whisk to one side and take a wooden fork or spoon and add 1 tbsp cream or milk and stir in slowly.

“Repeat this several times until eventually the cream will have returned to it’s former glory.

“The trifle is saved and so is the helper.”

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How to whip cream

Whipped cream is a delicious topping for many desserts. It involves agitating cream.

To whip cream you need whipping cream or double cream. Single cream won’t whip.

Whipping cream will whip lighter than double cream.

To whip cream, start with a cold cream in a cold bowl, preferably chilled.

Use a balloon whisk, or a hand mixer or food processor.

Make sure to whisk slowly and with control.

Stop when there are stiff peaks.

Nancy also devised some a delicious mini Christmas cake recipe. 

These tiny treats only cost £1 to make and make great Christmas presents.

How exactly can you make the small, sweet treats?

This recipe will make nine mini cakes, one nine-inch round or eight-inch square cake lined with greaseproof paper.

It involves mixed dried fruit, butter, eggs and sugar – among other ingredients.

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