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Repurposing ingredients from existing menu items into new innovations is one of the old tricks in the fast-food book. (Taco Bell, I’m looking in your direction!) But taking an ordinary hot dog and turning it into a breakfast sandwich? It sounds like a pretty unconventional idea – but Shake Shack has been trying it.

Though the site Bloomberg stresses that Shake Shack has absolutely no plans right now to add a hot dog breakfast sandwich to its menu, the upmarket burger chain has been testing one in their corporate innovation kitchen, and the possibility that it could one day make a larger appearance isn’t out of the question. “Not everyone thinks to eat hot dogs for breakfast, but it’s kind of like pork roll,” Mark Rosati, Shake Shack’s culinary director, told the business site. (To be fair, not many people outside of New Jersey think about eating pork roll for breakfast either.) Additionally, he sees the choice as very fitting for the chain, adding, “Especially since Shake Shack originally started out as a hot dog cart.”

So what exactly is this instantly infamous “The Shack Breakfast Dog Egg Sandwich”? Rosati’s recipe puts scrambled eggs and a hot dog onto a toasted bun with a chive mayo spread, garnished with crushed kale chips. It’s the kind of thing you could easily make at home in a pinch, and thankfully, Bloomberg scored the recipe – so pop over there if you want to add breakfast hot dogs to your morning routine. (I can only assume you definitely want to add breakfast hot dogs to your morning routine.)

As for the future of this breakfast dog on Shake Shack menus, Rosati seemed to imply that adding it would be unlikely. “We never say never,” he was quoted as saying. But then he added, “It might make an appearance, if guests request it.” I’m sensing a petition is inevitable on this one. Power to the people!

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