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Adam Donnely is a Scottish personal trainer who inspires TikTok users with his healthy, but delicious-looking, recipes.

The content creator, who has 45K followers on his account, posts Nando’s-inspired recipes to his fans.

In one he detailed how to make easy, crispy chicken thighs in his air fryer.

Adam said: “Chicken thighs are a wee bit fattier but they taste so much better than chicken breast.”

The fitness fan shared the method with his followers.

@adamdonnellypt NANDOS CRISPY CHICKEN THIGHS Approximately 130 Cals & 20g Protein Per Thigh! #fyp #gym #gymtok #lowcalorie #caloriedeficit #fatloss #diet #recipes #highprotein #protein #nandos #scrandon #CapCut ♬ Calabria (feat. Fallen Roses, Lujavo & Lunis) – Dance Fruits Music & DMNDS

“Spray some boneless chicken thighs with olive oil and season with Nando’s Medium Sauce and Nando’s Peri-Peri Rub Medium,” he explained.

“Get it in the air fryer at 180C for 20 minutes.”

The cook went on: “You’re going to flip them after 20 minutes and then put them back in the air fryer for five minutes and you’re done. They taste amazing.”

Commenters were quick to praise the mouth-watering recipe. One wrote: “Did this today. Unreal mate. Your recipes are easy and class.”

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“Everyone sleeps on chicken thighs… these look boss,” another said.

One wrote: “Looks absolutely elite level.”

Adam’s other Nando’s inspired recipes have also gone down well on the platform.

This includes his high protein Nando’s garlic bread burger and his Nando’s glazed spicy crispy chicken tenders. 

Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular and can be used to make a great many recipes.

One creator recently posted their guide to making roast chicken in an air fryer. 

Hayley shared her recipe to make a roast chicken in an air fryer in just an hour.

“This is super easy and it only takes an hour,” she told fans, demonstrating the air fryer chicken recipe. 

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