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Since launching in 1988, Dippin’ Dots has purported to be the “ice cream of the future.” This flash-frozen treat has been a hit among children who want to feel like they’re eating a dessert fit for astronauts, but the fact that it has to be served and stored at temperatures well below zero degrees farenheit has made those colorful tiny beads hard to bring home. But what if the ice cream of the future could in fact become the candy of the present?

Well, that’s exactly what seems to be happening, as pointed out by some serious candy sleuths. Recently, Instagram account @foodiewiththebeasts made a little trip to Cracker Barrel and seemed to have happened upon a discovery that should make any Dippin’ Dots fan weep with joy.

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What you’re looking at here are two flavors of a Dippin’ Dots themed candy bar. This chocolatey, shelf-stable take on Dippin’ Dots made by Megaload seems to be available in Cookies ‘n Cream and S’mores flavors, perfect for fans of both chocolate and oddly-placed apostrophes. According to the labels, the former flavor features cream filling, cookie pieces & “candy beads” (which one could reasonably assume are the Dippin’ Dots), while the latter contains marshmallow cream, graham cracker pieces, and the aforementioned candy beads.

It’s hard to know how readily available these Dippin’ Dots-themed bars will be, given that candy maker Megaload doesn’t list either of them on their site yet. But they do mention the existence of Dippin Dots’ birthday cake and chocolate chip-flavored cookie dough, which thankfully boosts the likelihood that we didn’t just hallucinate these Dippin’ Dots bars.

So, yeah: the ice cream of the future is passé. We’re eating Dippin’ Dots chocolate bars now. Try and keep up.  

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