Easter eggs are a treat that many people will enjoy at this time of year. Chocolate eggs have been a tradition for many years but you may be surprised to learn how they have changed. Here are a few retro Easter eggs including Cadbury and Nestlé.


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Easter eggs are used as a symbol of life and they are readily available over the Easter period.

They have traditionally been eaten on Easter Sunday and lots of Britons will remember the chocolate snack from their childhood.

The first chocolate egg was thought to be released by Cadbury in 1905 and was milk chocolate flavoured.

Now, Easter eggs have been released with flavours ranging from popping candy to alcohol-infused.

Those without a sweet tooth can also purchase savoury eggs or those filled with luxury pampering goods.

While chocolate eggs have become more elaborate and varied, Express.co.uk takes a look back at some of the designs from the last 50 years.

These show the changes of the eggs over the years.


Smarties eggs can still be bought today in a range of different sizes.

The chocolate favourite has had very varied packaging since it was first released.

While some retro packs are similar to its current branding, they once released a purple egg in a bright orange box.

One year, chocolate fanatics were even able to pick up Smarties “Eggheads” that were designed like individual heads.


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Creme Egg

Although the packaging of a Creme Egg Easter egg hasn’t changed much, the contents has.

The retro pack included a large chocolate egg with a whopping five Creme Eggs.

The large sized Creme Egg Easter Egg on sale this year features a hollow egg with just two additional Creme Eggs.

Quality Street

The box of mixed chocolates has something for everyone and their packaging through the years seems to be the same.

One year, the brand opted for a circus theme which featured a cartoon of a ringmaster, lion and visitors watching on.

However, more classic packaging is being seen as the years progress.

Another retro design included a purple box which included a gold wrapped egg with a purple bow.

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