Money saving: Expert reveals freezer tip

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UK mum the Duchess of Thrift (@DuchessofThrift) showed how she makes dinner for a family of six for just £3, or 50p a meal. The clever money saving mum has 27,000 followers on TikTok, where she has amassed 200K “likes” on her app.

The content creator has committed to buying no new things in 2022 and is sharing her energy saving and money saving tips.

This clever recipe is a cheap way to feed a family by using mostly items you are likely to already have in your cupboards.

“I am again using leftovers,” the mum of four said, as she showed followers the food she will use for the meal.

Explaining how she ignores dates on food to save cash and beat rising food prices, the mum said: “I give the kids out-of-date food. I wouldn’t give them out-of-date food if it was going to hurt them, but I’ve got some cherry tomatoes here.

“You can see the date is the 25th of September and they’re still solid. They’re not going mushy. Why would I throw them away? It would be madness.”

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The mum makes the meal with chili, chorizo, passata, macaroni, and garlic.

She said: “I’m just going to make a pasta dish with that.”

The Duchess of Thrift’s chorizo was £2, while the macaroni was 50p.

The content creator said: “Pennies, absolute pennies. This probably cost about £3 to make, this meal.”

She boiled the pasta and put chorizo, chili, and garlic in a pan, and fried it. She then chopped up the tomatoes.

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The money-saver added: “(The tomatoes) weren’t even ripe. Throwing those away just because of that date is just wasteful.”

The mum also eschewed a pre-made pasta sauce to make the meal cheaper.

“Instead of a shop-bought sauce I’m just going to put some of this passata in because it’s pennies to buy,” she explained.

“The shop-bought sauce was £2.50 for one of them. It was absolutely insane. This is a lot cheaper.”

She puts the tomatoes in and warms them through, and then adds this to the pasta along with the passata.

“There it is,” she said. “Dinner that would feed about six – there’s shed loads of it – for £3 using leftovers, bits that were out-of-date, and bits that were in the cupboard.”

Commenters were quick to agree that home cooks should ignore the dates of food when it comes to foods that are safe to do so.

“Always use your nose and common sense! Don’t pay attention to dates unless it’s meat,” one said.

Another wrote: “I’m really paranoid about food but when it comes to fruit and veg I ignore them they usually last way longer.”

“I do the sniff test and if it smells and looks OK then I will eat it,” one wrote.

Another added: “So glad supermarkets are taking dates off fruit and veg. So many people throw away perfectly good food.”

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