Flamin’ Hot Cheetos occupy a special place of prominence in the snacking world, inspiring endless modifications. The unique, spicy taste has been modified to fit forms as diverse as popcorn, a Bloody Mary, and corn on the cob coating. Also, sometimes people eat so many of them that they end up in the Emergency Room.

That’s all great, but they have nothing on the new way that some places in Texas have taken Flamin’ Hot Cheeto combinations to their logical conclusion, pairing its fiery flavor with something ice cold. Get a load of Plano, Texas scoop shop Milky Treats’ take on a Hot Cheetos-infused ice cream.


Hot Cheeto girls, where y’all at? ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ NEW SWIRL ALERT? Come try our new hot Cheetos infused ?. It’s ?.

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So far, the Instagram comments have been rather negative, probably because it’s so hard to even wrap your head around the idea of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos ice cream. How can something so cold be so spicy? Does the fact that the dust is sprinkled on the ice cream imply some kind of hot but sweet combination? There are certainly more questions than answers as of right now.

Milky Treats isn’t the only one Lone Star State ice cream parlor is pumping out odd and perhaps unasked for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-flavored eats. Houston-based Red Circle Ice Cream hasn’t just served up a similar scoop for a while, they’ve now graduated to offering a “Hot Cheeto churro dream shake” to “adventurous guests.” While it’s not the first churro shake we’ve seen around these parts, it’s definitely the first one to mix in a spicy snack food.


We love our adventurous guests! Our first Hot Cheeto churro dream shake and he loved it ??!. . #pearlandeats #pearlandfoodies #pearlandtx #pearland #shadowcreek #eatpearland #pearlandmoms #eathouston #foodiegram #Icecream #churros #waffles #madefromscratch #freshaf #eaterhouston #foodchronicles #milkshakes #houstonfoodie #sweettreats #redcirclepearland #rcp #visitpearland #supportlocal #forthekids #familyfun

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Between the creativity of boutique ice cream shops and the continued existence of Instagram, maybe it was inevitable that the fire of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and the ice of, well, ice cream would eventually combine into a single treat rife with contradictions. Whether or not it’s actually good is mostly irrelevant: it’s the kind of thing you order just to say you did. Hopefully it doesn’t inspire any Funyuns-flavored ice cream next.



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