Foodies will be excited to test their knowledge about food and drink from British staples to international cuisine. Now Britain is on lockdown, online quizzes have seen a surge of interest. has compiled a quiz for you during quarantine testing you about the origins of these food and beverage products.


1. In what country would you find shish kebab as an everyday food?

2. Babotie is the national dish of which country?

3. Which flower does the spice saffron come from?

4. Where are french fries from?

5. In what country might you eat haggis?


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6. Where are croissants from?

7. Goulash is the national dish of which country?

8. Where do vindaloo curries originate from?

9. To what country is the mung bean native?

10. Mole poblano is a national dish in what country?

11. Which country can cheesecake be traced back to?

12. Where is the modern hamburger thought to originate from?

13. Where is Caesar salad from?

14. Fanta was the official drink of which far-right political party?

15. Ackee and saltfish is the national dish of which country?

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1. Turkey

2. South Africa

3. Crocus

4. Belgium

5. Scotland

6. Austria

7. Hungary

8. Portugal

9. India

10. Mexico

11. Greece

12. Hamburg, Germany

13. Tijuana, Mexico

14. The Nazi Party

15. Jamaica.

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