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What weekend breakfast is complete without the perfect, runny egg yolk? Thankfully, a nutritionist and egg devotee has detailed how to get perfect eggs every time by making boiled eggs.

Emily English is a UK nutritionist and the founder of Nutr. She has 37.6K followers on her TikTok account @emthenutritionist and 92.1K on her Instagram account @emthenutritionist.

She is a BSc Nutrition and AFN registered food expert, posting “food you want to eat, by a nutritionist.”

Most recently she posted “the perfect egg yolk hack without poaching” on her account.

Emily’s eggs boasted the perfect thick, runny, orange yolks and looked absolutely delicious.

The nutritionist said: “This is my foolproof method, especially if you hate poaching eggs, to give you that gloriously rich runny yolk every time.”

So, how do you create Emily’s eggs with the perfect yolk?

Emily said: “Take fridge-temperature eggs and place them into boiling water. Keep it on a boil for six minutes exactly.

“Then prepare an ice bath and put your eggs into them, then leave for about two minutes and peel. They’ll peel like a dream.

“Slice them open, top them onto anything you like and I guarantee they’ll come out the same every time.”

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One fan asked: “Are these medium eggs? The large Burfords are huge and do sometimes need a bit longer.”

Emily’s eggs were medium, and she advised for “large go for 6 mins 20 seconds.”

One commenter wrote, “Omg looks amazing!” while another said, “so golden so good.”

This is not the first egg recipe Emily has wowed her fans with. She has also detailed her “mind-blowing” scrambled egg recipe. 

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Emily went so far as to claim her eggs were “better than Gordon Ramsay’s”, a bold statement.

“These are the best-scrambled eggs you will ever meet,” Emily said, describing the recipe as “a must-save method to give you the most mind-blowing eggs of your life.”

Emily whisks the eggs in a bowl and season with salt and pepper before allowing it to sit, then cooking it on the hob with butter.

“You will have the most insanely buttery creamy eggs to die for,” the content creator promised.

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