If you grew up in the halcyon snacking days of the ‘90s (a magical time before people knew what gluten was), you’re probably familiar with Dunkaroos. If you didn’t, all you really need to know was that you could basically dip mini cookies into cake frosting and it was delicious. “Nutrition” wasn’t as much of a concern back then. 

Dunkaroos may not be coming back anytime soon, but Yoplait recently blessed us with the next best thing: Go-Gurt Dunkers. Everyone’s favorite brand of tubed yogurt is taking on a new spoon-free form, combining graham cracker-type cookies that are meant to be dipped into a pool of low-fat yogurt. 

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Just like Dunkaroos combined flavors of frosting with kangaroo-shaped cookies, Dunkers are available in three distinct cookie and Go-Gurt flavor pairings: classic vanilla yogurt with chocolate graham sticks, strawberry with honey graham sticks, and an offbeat cotton candy-flavored yogurt with honey graham sticks. Each box comes with four individually packaged snack packs, making them an easy to enjoy snack on the go. 

With a suggested retail price of $3.99 a box and wide availability at major retailers like Walmart, Dunkers are an easy impulse buy for anyone who longs to dip their snacks. And with only 120 calories per tray, you can enjoy a nostalgic snack while at least maintaining some vague notion of “healthy” eating. 

This is probably the point where a junk-food optimist would point out that Yoplait and Betty Crocker (who blessed the world with Dunkaroos) are both owned by General Mills, possibly making this some sort of test run for the revival of that GOAT ‘90s snack? Time will tell, but if people buy enough Yoplait dunkers, anything is possible. 


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