Rylan Clark-Neal works a shift at McDonalds

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Britons have taken to social media to express their delight that Chicken Selects are now back in stock. After weeks without, McDonald’s customers can now order a Chicken Selects meal at their local restaurant or drive-thru.

At the beginning of June, it was reported that Chicken Selects were no longer available on McDonald’s menus across the UK.

Britons erupted on social media, expressing their fury over the missing products.

Big Flavour Chicken Wraps, which contain Selects, were also unavailable.

At the time, McDonald’s confirmed the nationwide Chicken Selects shortage, which lasted until July.

In mid-June, a McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We are working incredibly hard to get this popular menu item back on sale in our restaurants.

“We know some customers will be disappointed to hear this news, and we would like to apologise for the short-term inconvenience.”

According to the restaurant chain, the shortage was due the popularity of the product, as well as the fact that animal rights activists blocked McDonald’s distribution centres in May.

However, Britons have now started to notice the return of the popular menu item in their local McDonald’s restaurant.

Posting on Twitter, one person said: “So glad Chicken Selects are back, was like seeing an old friend.”

Another person wrote: “Chicken Selects are God tier food.”

One McDonald’s fan commented: “Chicken Selects are the one.”

Another fast-food enthusiast based in Derby said: “Think I’ve reached my limit: two large fries, two large Fantas, a McSpicy Burger, three Chicken Selects, a Mayo chicken with cheese, tomato and onion, mozzarella dippers and an apple pie. I’m about ready to burst. Totally worth it.”

One person tweeted: “Not to alarm anyone but Chicken Selects are back.”

Another person simply added: “I got the Chicken Selects.”

McDonald’s has confirmed the return of its popular dish.

A spokesperson for the company told Express.co.uk: “Chicken Selects are available now nationally. 

“There was a national shortage but that’s been rectified now by our suppliers.”

In other McDonald’s news, the fast-food chain has introduced five new items to its UK menu this week.

The products are the BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Garlic Cheese Bites, and two new McFlurries.

The McFlurry flavours are Twix and Mars.

These flavours have not been seen at McDonald’s restaurants since 2019, while the BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese has never before been sold in the UK.

The item launched in Canada earlier this year under the name Western BBQ Quarter Pounder.

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