Food hack: TikTok user shows how to 'save half of an avocado'

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Avocados are extremely popular and a beloved British staple. However, they are very quick to go mushy and inedible. Brightly’s low waste lifestyle expert shared how avocado lovers can keep them fresh for up to four months.

Avocados are very popular, however they are far from cheap, and avocado lovers can easily spend a pretty penny on this fruit at the supermarket.

And because many of us are storing them incorrectly, we inadvertently – and unnecessarily – waste a lot of money replacing them before we need to.

We all know the culinary pain of purchasing the perfect avocado or avocados, only to find it’s gone off within just a few days.

Learning to store them optimally can save you plenty of time and money over time.

It will also reduce food waste, as you won’t be chucking as many brown avocados into the bin.

So how can we preserve our avocados for longer? The expert revealed that all you need is an avocado – and a freezer.

She claimed that this “incredibly simple and easy” hack can keep an avocado “fresh for up to four months”.

She told viewers: “First of all when you have your bundle, separate the ones you’re going to eat within about seven days and set the rest aside.

“Really guys, all you need for this trick is a freezer. Take your avocados – however many you like – and plop them in.”

She called the handy avocado-freezer hack “basically like freezing time”.

The expert revealed that when she took them out of the freezer months later, they “looked like they did the day I put them in there”.

Of course, the next step of the process is defrosting the avocado, which she assured was equally as straightforward.

Take your avocado(s) out of the freezer and leave them out for at least an hour.

However, for those who enjoy a room temperature avocado, the expert recommended taking them out the day before they want to eat them.

To check the greenness of the avocado, all you need to do is make a small incision into the skin. She concluded: “Now you have fresh avocado for months to come.”

As for freezing half avocados, this is possible too. It is not uncommon to use just half of one but often the other half will needlessly end up in the bin.

Alternatively, the person will frantically scramble to use the avocado even though they may have no use for it.

But according to Urban Farmie, freezing half an avocado is totally possible: “If freezing avocado halves, slice the avocado into two halves. Brush each cut side with some lemon juice. Then wrap with plastic wrap or beeswax paper and store in the freezer.”

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