The past few months have left us without easy access to many of our favorite foods and drinks. Though there’s been a return to outdoor and (decidedly premature) indoor dining, that still doesn’t mean there aren’t still obstacles or health risks in the way.

Well, if the only thing standing between you and the perfect summer day is a lack of access to… Cheesecake Factory Sangria (no judgment), the good news is that you can very easily make that magical potion yourself at home. How? With a little help from an officially sanctioned recipe shared on social media.


Need a refreshing Summer drink? Try our delicious Red Sangria at home!INSTRUCTIONSCombine ingredients in a pitcher. Cover and store in refrigerator for 12 hours. Fill glass with ice. Fill glass with Sangria Base (stir base). Top with splash of Soda Water. Garnish with a spoonful of fruit from the pitcher. ORANGE PREPARATION Cut orange in half from navel to stem. Slice each half (going across) into approximately ¼” slices creating orange half moons. PINEAPPLE PREPARATION Slice two ¼” – ½” wheels from pineapple. Cut wheels into 8 equal size triangle pieces (like a pizza). Trim off rind. APPLE PREPARATION Cut apple into quarters and remove core. Slice each quarter into approximately ¼” slices then cut in half again.

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If you’ve shopped in the produce section recently and have a moderately stocked bar cart, it shouldn’t be too hard to turn your sangria dreams into a reality. Alcohol-wise, you’ll need some cabernet sauvignon, some riesling, a little spiced rum, and some simple syrup. That, plus some cranberry juice, mango/guava juice, and passion fruit juice would seem to form your “sangria base." Once that’s settled, it looks like you’re going to be cutting up some oranges, apples, and pineapples into roughly quarter-inch slices or chunks. You know, as you’d do with a sangria. There’s also some cinnamon you’re going to want to put in with your “sangria base” as well.

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Preparation-wise, you’ll want to cover your pitcher of ingredients and let them chill for twelve hours before serving over ice with a splash of soda water and some of the fruit you’ve ever so thoughtfully chopped up. You’ll ideally spend the rest of your day draining that pitcher of sangria because you deserve it, champ.

It’s nice that The Cheesecake Factory has followed in Disney's footsteps to share a drink recipe like this. I’m not sure if the sangria is the main draw at a restaurant which already has a different menu item in its name, but if this saves one person with a complex about refusing to wear a mask from getting even a single Cheesecake Factory employee sick, it will have been worth it.




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