The pandemic has changed the way we celebrate holidays this year, but there’s one thing I wasn’t prepared for—a shortage of Halloween candy. I typically wait until the day after Halloween to take advantage of the deeply discounted candy and stock up on Snickers, Kit Kats, and pumpkin-shaped Reese’s. But after recent reports about a smaller supply of Halloween candy this year, it got me thinking that there might not be enough of my favorite candy sitting on store shelves after Halloween.

Luckily, Hershey confirmed that there will be enough candy to go around—it just might not be packaged in Halloween-specific wrappings.

With all the social distancing precautions, mask mandates, and other Coronavirus-related concerns, it makes sense that there could be a smaller demand for candy this year. The logistics of trick-or-treating while social distancing make my head hurt, and I don’t even have kids to take door-to-door. Plus, with more people placing online grocery orders rather than physically entering the stores, there are fewer people wandering the aisles and making impulse candy purchases.

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Rather than releasing a bunch of Halloween-branded candy that may or may not be purchased, Hershey plans to scale back on the traditional holiday packaging we've come to expect. The company told us it will produce the same amount of candy, but there might be less Halloween-themed packaging than in years past.

“We did not produce less candy for the Halloween season,” says Kaylee Dugan, a spokesperson for Hershey. “As a way to balance the many ways people will celebrate over the entire season, from baking to movie watching to candy dishes and more, we produced a mix of Halloween-themed and everyday branded packaging that people love during the Halloween season.”

So if glow-in-the-dark packaging and pumpkin-themed wrappers are something you look forward to each October, hurry to the store to pick up your favorite treats. If you’re perfectly happy with Reese’s and Hershey bars in any kind of packaging, rest assured that your favorite chocolate bars and hard candies aren’t going anywhere.

This story originally appeared on Better Homes & Gardens.

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