How to Get a Free Frosty Every Day for a Year

We’re just over a month away from New Year’s Day, a time when people kickstart their grand plans for the 12 months to come. For some people, that’ll involve starting new healthy habits, like eating better or committing to a fitness regimen.

While plenty of people will be using their key rings to check in to an overcrowded gym, a bunch of other (much smarter) people will be using a very different kind of membership key tag to get their hands on some sweet treats for free. That’s because Wendy’s is reintroducing its $2 Frosty Key Tag, which might be one of the best deals in all of fast food.

The concept couldn’t be more simple. All you have to do is spend $2 to buy the thing either in a Wendy’s or online, affix it to your key ring so it’s (hopefully) always on your person, stroll up to a Wendy’s, and receive a free Jr. Frosty with every single purchase you make. The offer is good for the entirety of 2020, which means that you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on Frostys, depending on the extent of your habit.

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If you’re on the fence about spending literally $2 on something that can pay for itself faster than anything else you’ve ever purchased, you should also know that 85% of the revenue from these Frosty Key Tag sales will go to the David Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which “helps children in foster care find forever homes,” according to a product description on the Wendy’s website. It’s never been easier to eat good and feel good, too.

So don’t spend all of 2020 eating healthy and depriving yourself of the joy that is a steady supply of essentially free chocolate shakes when you purchase a Frosty Key Tag before January 31st. Whatever pointless diet you were planning on starting can wait until 2021. If nothing else, do it for the foster kids.  

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