James Martin gives advice on cooking roast potatoes

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One bag of potatoes could take you around half an hour to peel, maybe more if you’re not used to it. If you’re in a rush or if you just don’t want your hands to get tired, you should cut corners by using potato peeling hacks. Express.co.uk reveals the four best tricks to save you time and effort.

Roast potatoes are a Christmas dinner staple, so you don’t want to mess up the prep.

Peeling a whole bag of potatoes is tiresome if you don’t know the quick and easy hacks.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to peel potatoes without an achy wrist, cut fingers and half an hour wasted.


Potato peeling can be intricate work and you risk cutting your fingers if you’re clumsy.

TikTok user @thatdudecancook came up with a simple trick to avoid this problem.

All you need to do is stab the potato with a fork and hold it with the fork alone.

Use a peeler to peel along the long sides and then pull the fork out and stab it into the peeled section.

Then, finish peeling the top and bottom of the potato.

Slice, boil and peel

Groupon teamed up with Viral TikToker Tanya Home Inspo to find out her top Christmas preparation hacks, and her potato peeling hack will blow your mind.

Tanya said: “Firstly, slice a thin line all the way around the middle of your potatoes, then boil as normal with the skin on.

“Once boiled, cool them down with cold water.

“Now you can simply pull the skin off and mash or roast your potatoes at your preference, without peels flying all over your countertops and floors!”

Without a peeler

If you don’t have a peeler, you can still work quickly and carefully.

Cut one end of the potato off with a kitchen knife and then stand the potato up on the cut side.

Hold the potato with one hand and skim the knife from top to bottom, taking off the peel and as little as the white part of the potato as possible.

Rotate the potato and keep slicing as you go along until the whole potato is peeled.

Buy a machine

Potato rumblers, aka potato peeling machines, are obviously the most effortless way to peel potatoes.

These devices rapidly spin potatoes in water, peeling and chopping them one by one.

They also put the peel in a neat little pile in a section of the machine that you can open up and dispose of the mess easily.

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