Big Lots is a discount retailer specializing in closeouts and overstocks from other chains. With more than 14,000 locations across 47 states in the United States, each store is stocked with items for the kitchen, bath, home and more. But did you know that they also offer a section of grocery items? That’s right; the Big Lots food section has a variety of dry groceries, and some stores additionally offer a refrigerated and frozen section, depending on the location. For those cost-conscious grocery shoppers, Big Lots offers name brand food items and specialty pantry staples for the right price. Here are a few reasons to add Big Lots as a stop in your weekly shopping rotation, along with a few things to know before you go.  

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Big-name brands: While the food selection at many Big Lots stores is limited to canned and dried, non-perishable items, many of these are name-brand items. However, because the business model of the chain is all about purchasing closeouts and passing the savings onto customers, this means that inventory is based on availability. Once something is out of stock, they may not get it back in. That said, you’re can score major savings on some of your favorite staples.

Customer loyalty wins: Looking for a customer loyalty program that pays? The one at Big Lots could be for you. In signing up for Big Lots’ program, you will earn a five dollar voucher every three purchases you make at the store. Also, there are store-wide sales and birthday promotions that members can take advantage of while doing their food shopping. 

New-to-you brands: The grocery aisles offer a selection of foods from around the world. From Italian olive oil to French truffle spread, you can find items with flavor profiles that you might not find at your standard supermarket. These specialty foods are deeply discounted and offer the perfect opportunity to try something new in your dinner routine. 

Price match for the win: See an item being sold at a lower cost elsewhere? Just let a Big Lots staffer know, and they will match the price. As long as the competing store has a brick-and-mortar location (online retailers do not apply here), Big Lots will price-match for their food items that you find cheaper at another store. 

Keep an eye on expiration dates: Since this is a closeout store, make sure to take a look at the expiration dates on all food items. Much of the time you have plenty of time to use what you buy, but this is something essential to keep in mind all the same. Some shelf-stable foods may have been sitting on warehouse shelves or in other stores for a while before making their way to your local Big Lots. 

Interested in stopping by your local Big Lots for some grocery shopping savings? Be sure to check out their most recent circular to keep up with store sales and promotions. 

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