Step inside the McDonald's that sells LOBSTER

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Surf and turf restaurant Burger & Lobster have teamed up with esteemed chef James Cochran to create the limited edition Beef Shin Lobster Roll. were invited to come and try the new menu item.

My visit to Burger & Lobster was a really enjoyable dining experience.

I started with the Lobster Martini, a concoction of Sapling Vodka, rose liqueur, pineapple, passionfruit and lime, which was delicious – and strong.

Choosing a starter, I was a little disappointed that Burger & Lobster were all out of their Thai-Style mussels, so I opted for an old reliable, bread and butter.

The sourdough and olive bread served was served with two butters in different flavours, lobster and beef, and it did not disappoint.

The olive bread was a showstopper, and I’d urge anyone to order it if they’re visiting the restaurant.

For my main course I had the limited edition Beef Shin Lobster Roll.

Burger & Lobster described this special meal as follows: “24-hour slow-cooked beef shin served in our signature toasted brioche roll and topped with dressed wild lobster, pickles, a rich lobster cheese sauce and garnished with James’ signature scotch bonnet jam, crispy shallots and chopped parsley.”

I am not a cheese fan myself, so I skipped the cheese, but I gobbled up the roll all the same, served with a generous portion of fries.

Speaking about his creation, James Cochran said: “Burger & Lobster are already a match made in heaven – have you seen a more iconic duo? But it’s an honour to have the chance to dress them up, James Cochran style.

“Bringing my Caribbean flavour to proceedings, enjoy BBQ beef spiked with my infamous sweet and spicy scotch bonnet jam, made even more luxury with truffle cheese sauce – because – more is definitely better…!”

It’s certainly a great meal for a celebratory event, and priced at £25, you won’t want to be forking out for it all the time.

Especially, since the roll itself wasn’t actually very sizeable.

But while I did enjoy the roll, and appreciated the fabulous combo of burger and lobster, I’m not sure I wholeheartedly agree that more is necessarily better.

The burger and lobster mix was quite a lot for my tastebuds to get their head around anyway.

But the the add-ons including jam and onions meant that the main ingredients – burger and lobster – were a little overpowered.

I skipped on the cheese, but I can imagine the rich truffle cheese sauce only compounded this small issue.

The Beef Shin Lobster Roll is made from only the best Atlantic lobsters and prime Nebraskan beef.

This special concoction will only be on the menu at Burger Lobster until August 31, so strike while the iron is hot.

It is available for surf and turf lovers at all nine London locations for lunch and dinner.

These locations are Bond Street, Bread Street, Knightsbridge, Leicester Square, Mayfair, Oxford Circus, Soho, West India Quay, and where the Beef Shin Lobster Roll started – Threadneedle.

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