If you’ve parsed the lyrics of Jimmy Buffet’s classic track “Margaritaville,” a song that has single handedly influenced the fashion sense of every man over the age of 50 who’s ever put on a Hawaiian shirt, you know that Margaritaville is more a state of mind than physical location. Margaritaville is anywhere that the tequila, lime, and margarita mix flows. Thanks to a recently spotted product, it looks like Margaritaville is now anywhere there’s a water bottle.

Fittingly found by Instagram account @DadBodSnacks, what you’re looking at are Premium Margaritaville Singles to Go, which threaten to turn any water bottle into a really good time in a matter of seconds.

I had no idea these were a thing! Is this #new? Maybe idk cuz I’m not a #parrothead or maybe cuz I don’t stroll the food aisles of @walgreens but I guess I should start to more often if gems like these will be hanging out. NO, THERE IS NO ALCOHOL IN THESE, but I wonder if the taste of booze is there. Know what I mean? I’m not sure i do, haha. So who’s tried these, are they good? . . . #margarita #margaritaville #margaritas #drinkmix #mmm #jimmybuffet #margaritaisland #margaritatime #strawberry #strawberrydaiquiri #thirstyThursday #booze #alcohol #justaddwater #dadbod #dadbodsnacks #wheresthebeach

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Much like a midlife crisis version of Crystal Light, all you have to do is rip open one of these Margarita, Pina Colada. or Strawberry Daiquiri flavored packets, pour them into liquid, and kick back. You’ll have to BYOB if you want to make this a proper cocktail, but a true Parrothead definitely has the supplies they need to get the party started.

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Would you want to make a proper margarita with this sort of thing and serve it in a glass with a salted rim? Probably not. But drinking a margarita out of a proper glass while on a boat or in a hammock can present its own set of logistical challenges that this “shake, sip, and reseal” solution can address.

You can get a big ol’ box of these things on Amazon for less than $18, good for 72 servings. So snatch that up and reclaim the whole “drinking booze out of a water bottle” thing for people over the age of 24. It’s time those danged millennials and zoomers got to see how you like to get down.


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