Kate Middleton helps children make pizza in Islington garden

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Pizza was crowned the fourth most popular takeaway dish in the UK last year by YouGov, and this includes members of the Royal Family. It’s hard to imagine the Royal Family enjoying such a simple thing as pizza, especially with personal chefs at their disposal.

With access to some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants, it’s hard to picture the likes of King Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla finding joy in a greasy cheese-laden dish like pizza, but they do.

Princess Kate raised some eyebrows when she shared her controversial pizza topping of choice, although it was not pineapple.

Back in 2019, the Princess of Wales was all smiles to join a group of children in a pizza-making session at Islington’s Community Garden.

Getting stuck into kneading dough, the royal mother-of-three was asked if the late Queen ate pizza.

“That is such a good question,” Kate replied. “I don’t know… maybe next time I see her I should ask.”

Sadly, royal fans never did learn whether the late monarch liked a Margherita or preferred a Sloppy Giuseppe.

The Princess then told the children that her favourite pizza topping was actually bacon.

Surprisingly, the royal finds pepperoni, the nation’s favourite topping, to be a spicy meat.

“Does anyone ever put bacon on a pizza? Bacon’s great,” she told the children in a video from the event.

“Do you not think that sounds good? I quite like that actually…It’s like having pepperoni but it’s not as spicy.”

Naturally, this revelation about Kate’s pizza topping preferences caused an uproar among royal fans who were baffled by her belief that pepperoni was “spicy”.

Royal fan @lormora tweeted: “I can’t stop thinking about how Kate Middleton thinks pepperoni is ‘spicy’.”

Similarly, @AlaynaCzech added: “Kate Middleton thinks pepperoni is spicy and bravo because that’s very on-brand for the English aristocracy.”

In addition, @KirstKirst143 wrote: “Kate Middleton thinking that pepperoni can be interpreted as ‘too spicy’ for pizza is like the wildest thing I’ve ever heard.”

The royal’s comment is made even more surprising considering her love for spicy foods.

Princess Kate even shamed her husband William for his lack of ability to “handle” her spicy homemade curries.

King Charles is also a fan of pizza, having shared his favourite pizza topping after a visit to St Boswell’s in 2019.

While on the visit, he was given a Margherita pizza from Hunters Stables restaurant’s chef Erminio Di Meo.

Speaking to Press Association at the time, Erminio said: “He was curious, he smiled and I said, ‘It’s a Margherita’.

“I believe the Prince said, ‘It’s my favourite.’” It is not surprising that the King opts for the simplest choice of pizza as it is also the healthier option, and Charles is a huge proponent of healthy eating.

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