Matt Tebbutt says that tomatoes shouldn’t be kept in the fridge

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Fruit and veg seem to go off in the blink of an eye sometimes. However, correct storage measures could help improve the quality of your food and the health of your wallet. An eco organisation shared an easy way to keep veggies fresh.

The TikTok video, from Brightly, an organisation focused on empowering consumers to make eco-conscious decisions, is full of amazing hacks to keep items in the fridge fresh.

The tips included keeping chopped celery in water to keep it crispy.

It also recommended putting fresh veggies in boxes, instead of keeping them wrapped in plastic.

The eco-friendly company promoted a veggie saver produce bag. These clever devices are bags that, when slightly damp, will keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer. Which tip is your favorite? #foodwaste #ecofriendlyliving #kitchentips #fridgeorganisation #fridgehacks #foodstorage #sustainable ♬ Frog – Wurli

Alongside the tips, a suggestion from one fan seemed a popular method to make sure you never end up throwing old veggies away.

The user, Esta Fiesta, wrote: “I have an ‘eat me first box’. Smartest decision I’ve ever made!”

“An eat me first box is a godsend to my fridge and my budget,” another, Cass Benellie agreed.

Another wrote: “I love my ‘eat me first’ box, barely anything goes to waste anymore using the method!”

Alyssa Patrice said: “I introduced an eat me first box two months ago and it is a literal game-changer.”

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What is an Eat Me First Box?

Simply, an eat me first box is a box or basket put in the fridge to remind family members to eat the veg that will go off soonest.

This prevents food – and also money – from going to waste.

Use a box and make sure to write “Eat me first!” on the side to remind those you share a house with.

How to make fruit and veg last longer

Never leave some out

While some fruit ripens out of the fridge, other types only rot. Always keep lemons, berries and grapes in the fridge.

Keep them apart

Storing certain fruit and veg together can shorten the lifespan of other produce.

Bananas, peaches, and avocadoes produce ethylene gas, ripening other fruit and veg around them. So, store these as separately as possible.

Use a bowl and kitchen paper

Keep salad fresh by putting it into a bowl and covering it with a few sheets of kitchen paper.

This will keep it far more crisp than the plastic bag it came from the supermarket in.

A popular banana hack will help Britons to keep the popular yellow fruit in top condition for longer.

YouTube channel Kitchen Tips Online found the best way to keep bananas as ripe as possible was to keep them in an air-tight container.

However, another hack suggests wrapping the individual stems of each banana in clingfilm.

Supposedly, this helps to keep the bananas fresh because the aforementioned ripening gas – ethylene – is produced from the stem.

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