Once again, an international Krispy Kreme offering is making waves in the states. While the U.K.’s nutella-filled doughnut was met with rampant enthusiasm, something tells us that Thailand’s new Salted Egg-Filled Ring will be a bit more controversial.

The doughnuts are filled with “lava egg,” a runny custard filling made with egg yolks.

The reaction so far has been mixed in the U.S., but most people who’ve commented on the limited-edition menu item are baffled—or downright disgusted—by the idea.   

While some consumers are, understandably, a little put-off by the flavor, salted egg yolks are actually a culinary staple in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia.

Egg tarts (which commonly include flavors like vanilla, ginger, or honey and are served in a crumbly pastry crust) are extremely popular in Portugal, China, Taiwan, and plenty of Latin American countries, according to TODAY.

If you’re still skeptical of the new doughnut, it’s also worth noting that all custard is made with egg yolks. That’s what makes it custard.  

So, while the salty/sweet flavor might not be for everyone, we say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it—which you can do, if you happen to find yourself in Thailand between now and June 30. One doughnut will set you back 35 baht, or about $1 USD.

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